Are you exposed to Glaucoma?

Take the test below, and know whether you are exposed or not
1. How old are you? 2.Do you have family history of glaucoma? 3.Did you have other health problems? 4.When did you have other eye examination ?
Less than than 50? No family history fo glaucoma Systemic Hypertension Within the past 2 years
50-64 Years Family history but not 1st degree relatives Diabetes 2-5 years
65-75 years Parents have history of glaucoma Taking oral steroid for long time More than 5 year ago
Greater than 65 years Brother or sister have glaucoma High Myopia/Hyperopia


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Our facility is equiped with the best eye care equipments. Our nurses provide the best care you could expect.

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We provide a comprehensive eye examination for anyone who feel responsible for his eye health.